Experience the relics and remnants of ancient history
Leave no adrenaline untapped as you force-challenging climbs.
Enter the world you had forgotten you inhabited.
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Our biggest asset is a cadre of highly trained, multi-lingual, expert guides, drivers, and tour leaders. We pleasantly make sure that from the moment you get off the plane until the moment you leave, your trip is personally supervised.


We immerse you into local culture through our guides who knows the best restaurants, the best places to shop, and who always use the best hotels – often exclusively. We bring in hyper-specialized local experts, from chefs to anthropology professors, when needed.


We do the research, pre-check all roads and routes, and consistently deliver the best guides, accommodations, food, and service.
We know that if we want something done right, we have to do it our self, and we do.

Outbound TourWe organize highly customized tours to address your likes and dislikes, be it a preference for small intimate guest houses over grand hotels, the finest dining or the most local coffee shop, and your sightseeing passion.
Travel/Shuttle ServicesTailor made services is what we stand for, be it consultation for best flight connections, travel documents, visa requirements or regular updates on bookings and flight ticket deadlines.
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Top Destinations

Danakil Depression/Erta Ale

The Danakil Depression is the hottest place on Earth in terms of year-round average temperatures. It is also one of the lowest places on the planet (100 m below sea level), and without rain for most of the year. Here, the Awash River dries up in a chain of salt lakes such as Lake Afrera, never reaching the Indian Ocean.

Crater Lake of Wonchi

It is an area of outstanding beauty from the top down to the emerald green water below. It’s magnificent landscape, volcanic hot springs surrounded by lawns and shade tress makes it one of the best sites to walk, trek, hike and climb.

Addis Ababa

It’s always a pleasure for us to introduce our Addis Ababa, a multicultural, multifaceted destination where the art of hospitality is alive and well, where you are typically greeted with a steaming cup of coffee.