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Juliet Yemane

Me and my friends had the most amazing experience with Dil travels on our first time visit to Ethiopia from Norway. We booked a 6-day guided trip to the southern part of Ethiopia. During the trip we visited several tribes like Konso and Hamer and the local people greeted us with open arms and let us participate in local ceremonies. This gave us memories for a lifetime and we are forever grateful for their hospitality. Every local tour guide in every city spoke fluent English and had great knowledge of each tribe and villages history, culture and current issues. We also got to experience Ethiopian nature by visiting Lake Chamo, Arbaminch (hot springs) and National parks. It was such a mesmerizing experience to see wild animals like Zebra, Flamingos, hippos and crocodiles up close. We stayed in different pre-booked lodges arranged by Dil Travels and every single lodge was high standard with great views.
The driver and the tour guide were very well known with the roads and the ins and outs of every city we went to. They made sure we were taken care off during the entire trip and answered every question we had about the Ethiopian culture and history. Throughout the whole trip our guide and driver was very attentive and accommodated every request that anyone had. All in all, it was a trip that gave us a taste of South Ethiopian history, Culture and nature.

I highly recommend Dil Travels to anyone who want to explore all the beautiful part of South Ethiopia in the most pleasant way.